Castle Capricorn Property Group, LLC

Real Estate Joint-Venturing 

Castle Capricorn Property Group is a real estate investment company that will push you to the finish line of your real estate deal. We specialize in transactional funding, including EMD, gap/bridge, and double closing. We also have access to a network of Private Money Lenders and Transactional Coordinators. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the joint-venturing we can provide.

EMD - Earnest Money Down

Earnest Money Down is required by the Title Company to open Escrow on a real estate deal. The Title company charges a percentage of the total purchase price. 

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Gap/Bridge Funding

Gap or Bridge Funding covers the remaining balance after applying for a Hard Money Lender. The remaining balance is an average of 20% of the requested amount of the hard money loan.

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